Family is where we learn how to function in the world. Family is our first source of the love and support we need to make it through life’s toughest spots. What better way to return this love and support than by introducing family members to the concept of resilience building? It doesn’t matter where you start the conversation so long as you do it from a place of love e.g elderly parents may require a different approach to the subject of resilience than teenagers and young adults, so tailor your Call To Action with consideration for their age, experience, health and general environmental awareness.

The same tactful approach applies to others in your social networks. Friends and co-workers may thoroughly enjoy what you have to say and be eager to start making changes in their lives. They may be grateful to you for taking the time to share the issues with them because what you are essentially saying to them is: ‘I care about you’. While you may not receive a positive response from everyone, be patient, you never know what impact your conversation may have over time. Remember Paul Kelly’s lyrics: ‘From little things, big things grow’?

It can be smart to initially choose people in your networks who are open minded about the topics included in the Local Resilience Project. Their willingness to participate will boost your confidence and energise your efforts to build a more resilient community. Leave any ‘denialists’ in your family and friendship circles for a time when you’re feeling solid in your own understanding of what is at stake. This makes the hard work easier!

Do your best to make these connections enjoyable and supportive. There is no point trying to convince anyone who isn’t ready. We all have denial filters, comfort zones and trust issues. Tread gently, and if you’re an ‘early adopter’ of resilience strategies, ‘put your own oxygen mask on first’ by building up your household score so that when you’re asked to help others, you’re better able to do so.