Local Resilience Project


The Conversation is a reminder of the importance of meaningful conversations with family and friends about potential challenges to our resilience.
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The Checklist is the first in a series of practical steps you can take to assess and improve your personal and community resilience.
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The Call to Action is an invitation to engage more deeply with your household and community to boost your resilience.
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Building resilient communities is more important than ever in the face of disruptive climate change, ecological collapse and economic uncertainty.

The Local Resilience Project is a resource to help households understand the disruptive changes occurring in Earth’s systems and the existential threats these changes pose.

‘Having a look around your site and just wanted to say: Fabulous! Thank you for putting this super friendly resource out in the world. ‘ Rebecca.

Resilience is a complex subject but the The Local Resilience Project offers the following pathway through:

The Conversation, to deepen your understanding of the threat and support you in the ‘difficult conversations’ about it.

The Checklist, 100 questions about daily life to assess your household’s current resilience.

The Call To Action, a progressive action plan to help you improve both your personal and community resilience.