This Call To Action is not a ‘spectator sport’ and you will find great satisfaction if you treat it as a team effort by sharing it with as many people in your social network as possible. You have to get involved if you want to build a more resilient community.

It doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking experience either. Make it fun and easy – reach out first of all to those neighbours with whom you already have a good connection. If they like and trust you then they will be more open to receiving your invitation to check out The Local Resilient Project and their willingness will encourage your efforts.

Once you’ve had some success with your ‘known neighbours’, reach out to those you don’t know other than to wave hullo in passing. Drop a note in their letterbox mentioning that your household has been discussing resilience lately and asking if they’d like to learn about The Local Resilience Project. A positive response can open many doors for social connection such as a BBQ, an afternoon cuppa at your place or the local park. Eventually this action will help you gather support for the larger activities in The Call To Action such as a ‘Town Hall Meeting’.